Balancing books and building success: the synergy that fuels Critical Input

Meet Bettina Griffiths, the Co-Founder of CRITICAL INPUT, and the wife of Managing Director Tim Griffiths. Initially, Bettina's…
April 15, 2024/by CRITICAL Input
Russell at EN2024 where he engaged with industry leaders to talk all things supply chain

EN2024: Talking supply chain

During and after the EN2022 conference, I lamented quite strongly that supply chain wasn’t the main character…
March 28, 2024/by CRITICAL Input

The power of local sourcing

In today's business landscape, the emphasis on "local content" has become increasingly prevalent, with many Australian companies…
February 28, 2024/by CRITICAL Input


As we bid farewell to 2023, we reflect upon a year of tremendous activity and busyness here at Critical Input. It’s…
December 18, 2023/by CRITICAL Input

Meet Senior Consultant at Critical Input James Voller

In the complex realm of procurement and supply chain management, having a seasoned expert can be the key to unlocking strategic…
October 2, 2023/by CRITICAL Input

The power of expertise: Is small the new big?

By Tim Griffiths
Once a symbol of reassurance and influence for both public and private entities, the prestigious…
September 25, 2023/by CRITICAL Input

We’re gearing up for the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) 2023!

We're gearing up for the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) 2023!

Join CRITICAL INPUT and over…
September 17, 2023/by CRITICAL Input

Meet Critical Input Senior Consultant Carmen Langdon

In the dynamic realm of procurement, logistics, and stakeholder engagement, Carmen Langdon emerges as a seasoned professional…
August 25, 2023/by CRITICAL Input

Meet Critical Input Senior Consultant Simon Langdon

With more than three decades of experience in this field, CRITICAL INPUT Senior Consultant Simon Langdon has a proven…
July 21, 2023/by CRITICAL Input

Critical Input proudly sponsors Shitbox Rally, a charity event for cancer research

CRITICAL INPUT is thrilled to announce its Gold Sponsorship of a team competing in the renowned Shitbox Rally, a charity…
July 11, 2023/by CRITICAL Input

Navigating a complex tender process with Critical Input: A case study

When faced with a complex tender process that requires multi-disciplinary expertise, it can be overwhelming to determine…
May 16, 2023/by CRITICAL Input

Meet Critical Input Senior Consultant Campbell Maclean

A lover of fishing and the great outdoors, Campbell Maclean is a highly experienced and accomplished professional with…
May 9, 2023/by CRITICAL Input

Critical Input plants boots on the ground in Darwin

In response to a growing need for mature supply chain expertise, CRITICAL INPUT is setting up shop in Darwin. 
April 6, 2023/by CRITICAL Input

Supporting clients by mapping processes

By Critical Input Senior Consultant Steph Cush
Most business functions keep running because the people doing the day-to-day…
March 31, 2023/by CRITICAL Input

Here if you need: 2023 already shaping up to be a year of transformation

As 2023 kicks off, I am happy to share that Critical Input is off to a strong start with several new transformation projects…
January 31, 2023/by CRITICAL Input

You can’t manage what you can’t measure: Managing waste and recovering resources on mines and infrastructure projects

The Critical Input team recently undertook a wall-to-wall stocktake at a mine site as part of our Materials Management…
December 19, 2022/by CRITICAL Input

Australia’s steady pair of hands critical to renewable energy transition

As economies around the world address the aftershocks of a global pandemic amidst geopolitical turmoil and an ongoing energy…
October 21, 2022/by CRITICAL Input

Supply chain paradigm shift needed to protect revenue

AN ANALYSIS by Henk de Vos
The supply chain function has traditionally been considered as a non-cash generating business…
April 1, 2022/by CRITICAL Input
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