Balancing books and building success: the synergy that fuels Critical Input

Meet Bettina Griffiths, the Co-Founder of CRITICAL INPUT, and the wife of Managing Director Tim Griffiths. Initially, Bettina’s role was to ensure a stable home life, enabling Tim to focus entirely on the business. Recognising her affinity for numbers, she later took on accounting responsibilities, thus playing a crucial role in facilitating business growth. Beyond her official duties, Bettina views her primary contribution as the unwavering support she provides to Tim, which she believes is foundational to the company’s success. Her story is one of behind-the-scenes strength and steadfast partnership, contributing significantly to Critical Input’s journey and achievements.

Can you share a bit about your journey with Critical Input from start-up to now?

My journey with Critical Input began with supporting Tim to ensure he could fully dedicate himself to our business. As the company evolved, I found my niche in accounting and payroll, which allowed me to contribute more directly to our growth. My role has expanded over the years, but the essence remains: supporting our team and facilitating our company’s success.

As a co-owner of Critical Input, what are your day-to-day responsibilities and how do you contribute to the company’s success?

My primary responsibilities include managing accounting and payroll duties, laying a financial foundation for our team’s success. Beyond these tasks, my most significant contribution has been my steadfast support for Tim. This support has been crucial in navigating our company’s growth and overcoming challenges.

Critical Input has a unique gender pay gap, with women earning more than men. Can you discuss how this came about and the impact on company culture?

The gender pay gap at Critical Input wasn’t intentional but evolved naturally. Our focus has always been on merit and the ability to perform, regardless of gender. This approach has fostered a culture of respect and appreciation, contributing to a diverse and equitable workplace.

Can you share a particular highlight or achievement that you are proud of since you’ve been working with Critical Input?

My proudest achievement is my unwavering support for Tim, which I believe has been pivotal to his and consequently our company’s success. This support has enabled us to overcome numerous challenges and achieve significant milestones together.

Looking ahead, what do you envision for the future of Critical Input?

I see Critical Input continuing its growth trajectory while exploring new avenues for expansion. Diversifying our offerings and entering new markets aligns with our vision for sustained growth and evolution.

What’s it like working with Tim? Critical Input has been through rapid growth in recent years – how do you two switch off or wind down?

Working with Tim has been a journey of synergy and collaboration. Despite the pressures of rapid growth and business demands, we find respite in our shared passion for travel and individual hobbies, helping us to unwind and maintain our strong partnership.

If there was one thing you could change about the world, what would it be?

I would advocate for the fashion industry to abandon fast fashion in favour of using only natural materials. Despite occasional compromises due to limited options, I strongly believe in supporting sustainable practices and companies that share this vision across their entire supply chain.