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Tim Griffiths founded Critical Input in 2007 as a consultancy service offering process improvement, supply chain and project-management activities. Critical Input works in sectors ranging from water and energy to mining and heavy industry from operational to major project functions. At the centre of all that it does are three principals: Process, People and Principles.

Process – because without process, there is no destination.

People – because without buy-in from all team members, there is no evolution.

Principles – because integrity is everything.

Critical Input’s Managing Director Tim Griffiths has handpicked a team that can provide the right resources, the right skill set and the right mindset for every project.

Each one is senior in their experience, so they can hit the ground running on clients’ projects.

Critical Input takes a simple approach to allow organisational enablers – both people and processes – to improve activities. We see that as critical – hence the business name.

A 100% Australian owned and operated small business with 50% Indigenous ownership.

“The name ‘Critical Input’ was inspired by the projects I was working on before forming the company. I’d name those projects ‘critical inputs’ to the business – power, water, fuel, tyres. Hence, the activities we look at around people and process and putting those together, within the supply chain, project management and technical activities, form the critical inputs.

“It’s very important to measure the success of a project. Obviously, that includes meeting the project’s objectives and the client’s requirements. But it’s also about the sustainability of the outcome. So, once we complete a piece of work and walk out the door, ‘success’ is not about everything going back to normal the next day.

“Our measure of success is coming back in three months, in six months, in 12 months and still seeing that improvement we created being sustained and working well.
“I’m really proud of our agile team, led by our strong moral compass, where we’re committed to providing a service based on honesty, trust and transparency.

“We always deliver the highest quality of service to our clients and provide support – even after project completion.

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