Here if you need: 2023 already shaping up to be a year of transformation

As 2023 kicks off, I am happy to share that Critical Input is off to a strong start with several new transformation projects kicking off in January.

At Critical Input, we’re often asked the question, “How busy is too busy?” The truth is, with our extensive network of professional supply chain resources, we have the ability to provide the right resources at the right time.

Our resources are highly skilled and experienced, allowing for quick ramp up and success across multiple client interfaces.

Some of our key activities for early 2023 include:

  • Supply chain transformation and improvements for various Australian utilities entities
  • Implementing a construction program and services approach for a more streamlined delivery of projects
  • Developing a commercial strategy and providing support for mega projects
  • Developing and providing training and support for a contract management framework
  • Developing contracting strategies for renewable energy projects
  • Improving warehouse and inventory management processes
  • Improving rotables and repairable processes
  • Engaging in global strategic sourcing activities.

And that’s just the beginning.

Our philosophy is all about bringing people and process together. We’re committed to the pursuit of extracting the best out of an operation, project, or process. No matter what type of business or organisation you have, everything is linked to people, which is why any transformation project requires stakeholder buy-in. Education and engagement leads to consistency of application, which is where process comes in.

We’re always looking for new and exciting opportunities to support our clients’ supply chain needs. Please reach out to us to see how Critical Input can help get your organisation’s year off to a flying start.