It’s true. Smart people get vaccinated.

  • Even though CRITICAL INPUT PTY LTD didn’t mandate vaccines, we did a survey of our team last week and discovered that all 27 of our team members had received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.
  • Despite being dispersed across Qld, WA, SA and NSW, 100% of our team is on track to be fully vaccinated by September 2021.
  • It’s a testament to our shared culture and values.
  • We do this not just for ourselves and our loved ones, but also for our clients and people we don’t even know.
  • Being up-to-date with vaccines ensures we’re at our “agile best” should we need to travel to service client projects.
  • Even though we’ve all had at least one vaccination dose, we continue to follow the guidance of our local jurisdictions around social distancing, masks and hygiene.
  • From the beginning of the pandemic, Critical Input has proactively shared and supported public health messaging.