From Critical Input Senior Consultant’s Tim Garland’s bunker...

With employers all around the world extending work from home arrangements, here at Critical Input, we feel fortunate that we were pre-adapted for COVID-19 remote working. In fact, for Critical Input Senior Consultant Tim Garland, who canceled his gym membership pre-Covid, on a day-to-day basis, not much has changed at all. We caught up with him at his Brisbane bunker to chat about his current projects.

“Right now I’m working with Queensland-based mining company New Hope Group. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re hoping to soon secure approval for Stage 3 of the New Acland Mine Project in western Queensland.

I’m researching potential vendors and assisting with procurement, policies, procedures and expressions of interest for tenders. We’ve already awarded the design contract for a creek crossing, which is currently in the design phase. We want to be ready to hit the ground running the moment we get final approvals. We can’t turn dirt until then. Hopefully, it’ll come through soon as it’ll support 761 direct jobs and inject $7 billion into the Queensland economy, which is much-needed given the impact of Covid-19.

New Hope treats me as part of the team, rather than a contractor so we’re in constant contact. The CEO is very hands-on and the core team has worked in the company for 10-20 years. I can always access the decision-makers and experts with extensive corporate knowledge, which makes getting the job done more efficiently.

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Since Covid-19, face-to-face meetings have been replaced with video-conferencing and phone calls. I also have weekly catch-ups with Tim Griffiths where we discuss projects. At the moment, the mine site has restricted visitors. I will need to visit as part of the tendering process, but will be able to manage with social distancing restrictions.  

New Hope moved its offices from Brookwater, which was a five-minute commute from me, to the Brisbane CBD. As a consequence of the Covid-19 restrictions, I’ve not worked from the new digs yet! Remote working suits me. There are fewer interruptions, so I find it more productive. I also eat healthier lunches (and less take-out) and use less petrol. Life hasn’t changed substantially for me these past few months – I quit the gym before Covid-19!”